Mercy Ships New Zealand

Mercy Ships New Zealand is part of an international community of people dedicated to bring hope and healing to the world’s poorest people. This chain of linked hearts stretches across the world to deliver free healthcare services to people of all ages in desperate circumstances - people who have no chance to get the medical help they need until a hospital ship from Mercy Ships comes to town. Some volunteers onboard the Mercy Ship performing life-transforming surgeries and services, others are around the world donating, praying and encouraging each other to make a difference. Here you can find out more about us, the people we serve, stories of lives transformed and discover how you can make a difference by being involved.

What is Mercy Ships?

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Latest from the News Room

Tresor’s restored vision

Tresor’s little hands clutched the newly removed eye patches as he scrunched his eyes closed, refusing to open them even as a nurse’s gentle voice coaxed him from the darkness. It... Read More

Edith and her Mum

Edith was used to the 3.5 kilo tumours growing on her Mum’s face. It had been there her whole childhood. When a tumour just like it started to grow on her own... Read More