Dorcas and Anna

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These little blind sisters live in a country so poor there is no educational or medical support for their family. Imagine how all their lives were transformed changed when Dorcas and Anna received free operations that gave them sight! The struggled up the gangway unable to see the world … Read More

Africa Mercy crew get-together

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SUNDAY OCTOBER 29. Albany, AKLD. A fabulous chance for former AFM crew to catch up with those you served alongside. This informal dinner event is all about getting together to tell ship-tales, meeting up with old shipmates, laughing over old times. and catching up with new news. But … Read More

Finially pain-free

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“I remember one of the worst days,” says Veronique. “I was in so much pain, I could not even get out of bed.” Six years ago a tumour started to grow on Veronique’s chin. What began as a small bump slowly gained momentum until it took over her … Read More