A different Destiny

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Destiny before his free surgery
Destiny before his free surgery

“His name is Destiny. His Father chose it, and we felt it would be a good name.” His mother Cardine explains. “I hope one day he will be an engineer … or a pastor.”, she smiles as she pauses for a moment, gazing into different possible versions of her son’s future.

“They bandaged his tummy in the local hospital the day after he was born,” remembers Cardine, thinking back to the bulge protruding from her newborn’s stomach just a year-and-a-half ago. It was a very large kind of a hernia created by a portion of Destiny’s insides pushing out from a large tear in his stomach wall.

“The bandaging didn’t work,” she says, thinking back to her disappointment. “But the treatment from Mercy Ships did!” She smiles, relieved, looking over at her sleeping boy now snuggled in a blanket. His surgery from a few days before had been a success. The doctors were able to repair Destiny’s stomach and put everything back in its proper place. With a natural childlike resilience, he was healing – and fast! That morning, he’d walked around to visit other patients, pedalled a tricycle and pulled sheets off a nearby bed. But tiredness had finally set in, and it was time for a nap.

It was only a few weeks ago when Destiny had his first nap at Mercy Ships … on an examination table! Cardine’s hopes grew as they made their way to the screening appointment. “I’d heard about Mercy Ships back in 2009. When I learned you were coming back, I got so excited – I knew I had to bring Destiny!” To help him cooperate for the ultrasound, Cardine was able to lull Destiny to sleep. His eyes remained closed and his sleeping breaths uninterrupted even as the cold gel spread across his tummy. As doctors carefully examined the mass, Cardine watched

So proud of his new tummy!
So proud of his new tummy!

in anticipation, trying not to let fear get the best of her. She knew this could be the only hope for her baby boy to be healed.


And now, fear has gone, and peace has taken over. With Destiny’s surgery behind them, Cardine can take her son home to their family. Deep appreciation radiates as she looks around a final time, saying, “I love how the people in the hospital take such good care of everyone.”

As for Destiny? He’s awake and ready to go!

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