She can’t get enough of giving

Robyn celebrating with a woman healed of an obstetric fistula
Robyn celebrating with a woman healed of an obstetric fistula

In Mercy Ships we affectionately call people like Robyn Ferguson repeat offenders. It is seven years since a Google search for a philanthropic adventure introduced this nurse to Mercy Ships. So far her seven short-term services have taken her to Togo, Guinea, The Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Benin. Each time the nation and its people has left Robyn a little richer, and each time she has left a piece of her heart behind.

‘I keep coming back because I love the people, and it gives me a sense of purpose,’ explains Robyn. ‘All my patients onboard are a pleasure to care for; they absorb every bit of love and attention given to them. I normally nurse adults, but looking after children here is the best part of it. I love being with them and it makes my heart full. I don’t get that from nursing anywhere else. The patients just become a part of you, and I miss them terribly when they are discharged from the ship’s wards.”

Kiwis like Robyn are changing lives every day by applying their skills and by not being afraid to engage their hearts in the process.

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