Africa Mercy crew get-together

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SUNDAY OCTOBER 29. Albany, AKLD. A fabulous chance for former AFM crew to catch up with those you served alongside. This informal dinner event is all about getting together to tell ship-tales, meeting up with old shipmates, laughing over old times. and catching up with new news. But … Read More

Deb Adesanya-Woman’s Day

The backstory: Caring for children recovering from major surgery was Deborah Adesanya’s assignment olunteering in the wards aboard the 16,000 tonne hospital ship, Africa Mercy. Some of her most poignant moments were with babies receiving surgery to correct birth defects like cleft lip and palate.  Most of her … Read More

The teacher’s burden

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It seemed like a small thing, so Lalao* paid scant attention to the small bump on her face. Instead of disappearing over time as she expected, the swelling on the Malagasy schoolteacher’s face grew and grew. Over 14 years the benign tumour developed until it resembled a huge … Read More

Valerie starts over

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It was a stranger who eventually told Valerie about Mercy Ships. One day, the 14-year-old left the shop on an errand, only to be startled by a woman following her, trying to give her information. “I was scared,” remembered Valerie, “but, looking back, I think that woman was … Read More


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Catch a glimpse into the lives of Juste, Valerie, blind siblings Jacques, Eloise and Marie-Claire, and others in this 80-second wrap up of our recent Benin Field service Benin field service wrap-up from Mercy Ships New Zealand on Vimeo.

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