Crew blogs

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These crew members blogs share some of the most remarkable accounts of the breath of God bringing hope and healing through ordinary people like you and me. They are featured with permission. Capture a poignant glimpse of the most astonishing moments as our crew members share every day life … Read More

Mercy Ships Founders

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Don and Deyon Stephens founded the charity together, spending ten years living on board the first Mercy Ship with their family before relocating to the International Operations Center in Texas. You can read the full story of Mercy Ships here in the free downloadable ebook Ships of Mercy. … Read More

The Mercy Ships Story

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“Over 35 years ago, God took a huge risk” – that’s the way Mercy Ships founder Don Stephens describes the beginning of a story that has touched millions of the world’s poorest people. A devastating hurricane, meeting Mother Teresa and the birth of his special needs son drove an idea … Read More

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