Musician rocks the boat for Mercy Ships

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“Hope On My Horizon” doesn’t hope to earn a Kiwi musician Peter Woolston local or international acclaim; its driving purpose is to raise money and awareness for Mercy Ships NZ … a worldclass floating hospital that provides lifechanging medical care to thousands of people living in Africa – … Read More

Nestore’s Dream

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It was the cloud’s silver lining for Nestore. He discovered a love for all things medical during his long recuperation. Nestore had walked for over two hours to get to the bus station in Madagascar. The walk was long and painful because of the club foot condition he … Read More

Our Ships

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Africa Mercy (current flagship) Deployed 2007 History Acquired in 1999, the Dronning Ingrid underwent conversion from a Danish rail ferry into the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. Sponsored by corporate and individual donors, the purpose-built Africa Mercy has five operating rooms and an 82-bed ward. Facilities & Features … Read More

Why Africa?

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Many nations in Africa are ranked by the United Nations Human Development Index as the least developed nations on earth. There are only two doctors per 10,000, New Zealand has 10 times that ratio. On average 170 of every 1000 African children die before they are five, compared … Read More

Our current field service

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In August of each year, Mercy Ships begins a new field service in an African nation. For the next 10 months the hospital ship is docked in a port city, and thousands of patients who have been screened for surgery arrive for their free, life-changing operations. Screening shot? … Read More

Crew blogs

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These crew members blogs share some of the most remarkable accounts of the breath of God bringing hope and healing through ordinary people like you and me. They are featured with permission. Capture a poignant glimpse of the most astonishing moments as our crew members share every day life … Read More

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