Going the extra mile

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The air was warm and thick in the room where three-year-old Paul Bernard and his older cousin were sleeping. It was a night like any other. But in his sleep, his cousin accidentally knocked over a nearby kerosene lamp, lighting their mattress on fire and engulfing the bed … Read More

VIDEO: What happened in Cameroon?

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A shipload of mercy: 10 months in Cameroon saws thousands of lives changed as we expanded ashore work to increase our capacity, and placed an even bigger emphasis on mentoring local medical professionals. See for yourself! Cameroon Field Service Overview from Mercy Ships on Vimeo.

Breaking barriers

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Despite his work ethic, intelligence, and passion for education, 19-year-old Bernard faced a future where he would not be merited by his hard-earned qualifications nor his determination to succeed. Instead, he would be judged by the genetic neurofibromatosis that had disfigured his face for over a decade. When … Read More

Restoring Tresor

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Tresor is a ten-year-old boy with an explosive laugh. He’s a cheeky prankster with a competitive spirit, and he’s completely unafraid to speak his mind. He’s the kind of child you’d call unstoppable. But Tresor’s childhood took an unexpected turn when he was just three years old — … Read More

Healing the hurt

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‘What happened to me, Mummy’ Pierre would ask, ‘When are you going to fix my legs?’ Unsure how to answer her four-year-old son, Edwige made a promise that she would do everything she could to find healing for Pierre’s twisted legs. When she first noticed Pierre’s legs were … Read More

Tresor’s restored vision

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Tresor’s little hands clutched the newly removed eye patches as he scrunched his eyes closed, refusing to open them even as a nurse’s gentle voice coaxed him from the darkness. It took a few minutes — and his mother’s whispered encouragement — before the four-year-old dared to slowly … Read More

Edith and her Mum

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Edith was used to the 3.5 kilo tumours growing on her Mum’s face. It had been there her whole childhood. When a tumour just like it started to grow on her own jaw she was really frightened.  First, her Mum Valerie came to the Africa Mercy where our volunteer surgeons carefully … Read More

Ordinary Kiwis, extraordinary impact

VIDEO: Kiwis love to fly below the radar, hang out behind the scenes, and punch above their weight when they think no one is watching. But here’s a unique behind the scenes glimpse of those hidden Kiwis who volunteer, paid their own way, and pour heart and soul … Read More

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