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These crew members blogs share some of the most remarkable accounts of the breath of God bringing hope and healing through ordinary people like you and me. They are featured with permission.

Capture a poignant glimpse of the most astonishing moments as our crew members share every day life on board a hospital ship,  and the highs and lows of living among 480 people from more than 35 nations.


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The truth about Bernadette (link    )

Catherine describes herself as a writer, explorer, sailor, and photographer. She tells a gripping story


The problem with red

Susan has been a Mercy Ships crewmember for more than 25 years. her insight in Mama H’s story is profound in it’s simplicity


The terror of a 5 year old in Bed 9. You have changed my life.

To the terror of a 5-year-old in bed D9.. You have changed my life.

The crisis’ our patients have endured can be heartbreaking. Heather’s relentless determination to see love break through a child’s brokenness comes with a ‘mascara warning.’


Absolute desperation

This Aussie nurse shares her day as the screening team heads into the African bush looking for people who desperately need both hope and healing


The Overnighters

Former fireman turned Chief Steward, Peter describes the enormity of arriving at Screening Day to find 7,000 people waiting to see a doctor.


Sparrow baby

Ali’s insight as a nurse is highlighted by her experience as a new Mum.


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DISCLAIMER: Everything communicated in these blogs strictly reflects the personal opinion of the writers. The thoughts, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Mercy Ships.