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Charities Commission registration number CC26854

Tene before surgery

Thank you for helping us transform the lives of others

To take our hospital ships to these people we need your partnership. Every single donation, large or small, helps makes a difference

Your Generosity helps bring hope and healing to thousands

Your donation to Mercy Ships will do an incredibly important thing. It will help bring hope, healing and healthcare to the world’s forgotten poor- to those who are shunned and isolated because of their (treatable) conditions, to those who have no access to healthcare of any kind, and to those who, simply through circumstance, are too poor to get the help they so desperately need.

Tene after her life-saving operation’

Ways to Donate

To donate by credit card online please fill out the fields below, then hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to make your donation now.

Remember, we need your contact information in order to send your tax-deductible receipt (New Zealand donors only).

To support a crew member, please ensure you add their name and information in the comments field.

If you have any problems or question, call Graeme on 0800MERCYSHIPS during business hours, and we can take your information over the phone
Thank you for helping Mercy Ships make a real difference.

To donate to Mercy Ships NZ directly from your bank account online, please use the information below. You can make a one time gift or a regular gift online.

To receive a NZ tax deductible receipt please ensure you enter your contact details after you make the payment

Mercy Ships NZ Internet Banking Details
MSNZ Bank Account Number: 03 1549 0000141 00 (Westpac)
Reference: (Your Surname)
Particulars: Donor ID code if you have donated previously

Please phone 0800 637 297 or email if you have any questions.

To donate by cheque, please make your cheque out to ‘MERCY SHIPS’, and post it to:
Mercy Ships,
PO Box 13673,
AKLD 1643

Remember to include your name and address so we can post you a tax deductible receipt.

Please call us on 0800MERCYSHIPS (business hours) if you would like more information.

Remember Mercy Ships in Your Will
To make a bequest you need to have a Will. Making a Will is essential, whatever your age. If you haven’t made a Will, your money and possessions may not be distributed as you wish. You should always seek legal advice to ensure your will is correctly prepared.

By remembering Mercy Ships in your Will, you can help future generations to see, walk or smile for the first time – and even save lives! You can affect whole communities through one of our many development projects. Imagine funding a health clinic, safe water supply or a livestock program for an entire village!

Anything you can give takes us one step closer to a world where nobody is left to suffer simply because they have no access to health care and other basic necessities. This has to be a future worth investing in!

Making a Will
Writing a Will is essential if you want your estate to pass to the people you wish to benefit. If you die without one, the law decides how your estate is distributed, and the causes or people you really care about may receive nothing. If no relatives are found, your entire estate goes to the government. Please contact your lawyer about drafting a Will that reflects your desire to leave a gift to Mercy Ships. Most of us will never have the opportunity to serve on a Mercy Ship, but that does not mean that we cannot leave a legacy of healing.

Updating an existing Will
If you already have a Will and wish to add a legacy gift to Mercy Ships, the cost may be less than having a new Will written. If you only need to make a few changes, you can make a legal addition to your Will, known as a codicil. Click here to DOWNLOAD a “pro-forma letter” to simply send to your lawyer to add Mercy Ships as a beneficiary of your Will.

You can leave any type of gift to Mercy Ships — cash, real estate, investments, personal property or a percentage of your whole estate. Whatever the size of your donation, your gift to Mercy Ships will transform lives and bring hope to the hurting for years to come.

Contact us to have a conversation (it is helpful to us to have an idea about any particular programmes you would like to support) or to receive more information about Wills and bequests.