Engineers, sparkies & chippies

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Believe it or not, a floating hospital ship requires a boat-load (shipload, actually) of highly skilled people to operate smoothly. Technical crew work in close collaboration with medical professionals to provide free essential surgery to people in poverty. The Africa Mercy crew includes a variety of essential roles that add up to more than 400 people from roughly 40 nations serving on board at any given time.

Chris McCaffrey is a ship’s electrician who found so much more than he bargained for when he signed up for a tour-of-duty with Mercy Ships.

The Mercy Ships technical departments are supported during ship maintenance periods by short-term volunteer teams. Each July, shipyard workers troubleshoot and work on teams to tackle repairs and improvements on board. Volunteers from all over the world come to put their technical, specialised skills to good use. Overhauling and updating the ship’s systems is an essential part of the hospital ship running smoothly both at sea and during in-port field service.

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People with technical skills are essential to the smooth running of the hospital ship
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