A new reason to smile

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‘There are two types of people in this world,’ reflects Jacquline. ‘Those who have treated me cruelly and have left me, and those who have stayed and supported me.’ After her injury, she met Jean, a man who lovingly stayed by her side, despite her condition. Their romance was often questioned by people who tried to discourage him from staying with her, but their love was powerful. ‘(Jean) stood by me when no one else did, and I am so grateful to him, explains Jacqueline.

Jacqueline was passed around to different hospitals and doctors with no results, and she had given up hope of ever receiving treatment so she could start her life over with Jean. But a simple procedure from professional volunteer surgeons on the Africa Mercy means she now has a new chance at life!

Jacqueline and the other women celebrating at their ‘Dress Ceremony’


To symbolise all that is new, the obstetric fistulas are gifted a specially made outfit and headdress by Mercy Ships. Ina ceremony of joy before their return home, Jacqueline danced and laughed with the other women healed of this isolating condition.

Jacqueline’s sorrow has turned into joy!