Master Mariners meet Mercy Ships

Mr Graeme Walls, Director of Mercy Ships NZ, spoke to Auckland’s Master Mariners branch meeting about the operation of Mercy Ships and the huge amount of work achieved by the organization and volunteer staff of their ships. Graeme first joined Mercy Ships and sailed out of Auckland on … Read More

Making a real difference

Nurturing a young Togolese girl longing for life-changing surgery touched Tania Litherland in a profound way Changing the lives of the poor and desperately sick has been a dream that Orakei nurse Tania Litherland has nurtured since she was a student. Five years into her profession, Ms Litherland’s … Read More

Rotorua nurse shares right to sight

Thousands of Africa’s poor receive sight through free surgeries. Rotorua nurse Justine Crampton recently rolled up her sleeves and travelled to Togo, West Africa to volunteer her holidays joining the Mercy Ships eye team in providing these free surgeries. Ms Crampton is an ophthalmic nurse and familiar with … Read More

Trading flight wings for sea legs

As emergency nurse Michelle Baines looks over her early morning flight schedule, it’s a paradigm shift from her volunteer work in Africa with Mercy Ships. Ms Baines journaled an early start a world away; “This morning, as I sat eating breakfast – watching the local Beninese fishermen with … Read More

Our Ships

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Africa Mercy (current flagship) Deployed 2007 History Acquired in 1999, the Dronning Ingrid underwent conversion from a Danish rail ferry into the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. Sponsored by corporate and individual donors, the purpose-built Africa Mercy has five operating rooms and an 82-bed ward. Facilities & Features … Read More

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