Destination: Guinea

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As the Africa Mercy was preparing to sail to Guinea in 2014, a horrific epidemic was declared in West Africa. An Ebola outbreak in the region made it impossible for the Mercy Ship to enter. The ship was diverted to Madagascar for two years. The people of Guinea, … Read More

Esther’s transformation

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Esther was full of charisma. The bright, bubbly six-year-old saw the joy in every situation. But Esther suffered with a windswept leg caused by rickets—a brittle bone condition that causes leg deformities. When children don’t get the nutrients they need at key stages of their growth, they can … Read More

A decade of darkness

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For 10 years, Lydienne’s world grew darker … and darker … Slowly losing her eyesight from cataracts felt like a lifelong prison sentence for the 65-year-old seamstress. The blindness stole her independence because she was forced to rely on family members to be her eyes. Even simple walks … Read More

It takes all sorts

Motorcycle courier, bookbinder, English as a second language teacher, telephonist, wife and mother – Heather Provan calls herself a ‘Jill of all trades’.  Shipmate is the latest role the ‘70-plus’ year-old with a thirst for adventure has added to her repertoire of experiences.  Not satisfied with anything dull … Read More

Side-stepping tragedy

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Adam’s story. It was no surprise that nine-year-old Adam Zidane loved playing soccer. He was born on the same day as a 2009 Champions League match, and was named after the famous French soccer player, Zinedine Zidane. Nothing brought his father, Abdoulai, more joy than watching Adam play … Read More

God with us

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Emmanuel’s story Leocadie and her husband Edwige were filled with excitement when they found out they were expecting their fourth child. Leocadie was thrilled to have a new baby boy! But during a routine checkup, an ultrasound revealed some alarming news that no mother wants to hear: “There’s … Read More

Going the extra mile

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The air was warm and thick in the room where three-year-old Paul Bernard and his older cousin were sleeping. It was a night like any other. But in his sleep, his cousin accidentally knocked over a nearby kerosene lamp, lighting their mattress on fire and engulfing the bed … Read More

VIDEO: What happened in Cameroon?

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A shipload of mercy: 10 months in Cameroon saws thousands of lives changed as we expanded ashore work to increase our capacity, and placed an even bigger emphasis on mentoring local medical professionals. See for yourself! Cameroon Field Service Overview from Mercy Ships on Vimeo.

Breaking barriers

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Despite his work ethic, intelligence, and passion for education, 19-year-old Bernard faced a future where he would not be merited by his hard-earned qualifications nor his determination to succeed. Instead, he would be judged by the genetic neurofibromatosis that had disfigured his face for over a decade. When … Read More

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