Every person - patient or volunteer - has a story to tell. Mercy Ships shares these with you when we can and this page has a small selection of the inspirational stories of hope, mercy, healing and love . You can find more on our YouTube channel and we hope you will share the difference Mercy makes with your friends and family.

Stories of Mercy – Joanne Thibault

Joanne Thibault volunteers onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. She explains the purpose of what Mercy Ships does.

Stories of Mercy – Tom KenKnight

People often think that you must be a medical professional to serve onboard our hospital ship. But Mercy Ships needs volunteers from all walks of life. And each crew member is vital! Engineer Tom KenKnight explains his role.

Now able to see, Celine’s steps are sure

Four-year-old Celine was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes, but she recently had them removed onboard the Mercy Ship in Cotonou. During the first few hours after the bandages were removed, it was obvious that the child was unaccustomed to such intense color and detail. She was just beginning to learn to see the world around her.




Mercy in Action – Mercy Ships on 60 Minutes

Mercy In Action

Darkness Lifting

For seven years, Genevieve has been the eyes for others. She gave birth to three children – two boys separated by a girl – all with cataracts in both eyes, preventing them from seeing anything but the most subtle shifts in light and shadow.