Life on the Africa Mercy is in close community. We live with the people we work with, and you may meet your supervisor over the breakfast table. A strong sense of camaraderie and a belief that all roles are important underlies the team spirit that pulls together the 484 crew members from around 40 nations, and all walks of life.

The Africa Mercy is seven storeys tall and the length of two football-fields. It is like a floating village with one major industry – a hospital. Everything a crewmember needs is available on board from the dining room, to a hairdresser, a corner dairy, as well as a bank and post office. The crew children attend the international accredited school, and you can even get a great coffee on board from the only Starbucks café in the African continent.

This 20-minute tour with founder Don Stephens is well worth taking if you are seriously considering working with us as it gives an amazing glimpse into life on board a Mercy Ship.

Life on Board - Mercy Ships