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Cleft Lip Surgeries (View All)

Ali was born in the Guinea countryside with a cleft lip. Having never known his father, he became an orphan at eight months of age when his mother died from disease.

Eye Surgeries (View All)

Four-year-old Ami suffered the same eye problem as her older brother, Sidate. Her mother, Awa, despaired after an endless and fruitless search for help for her children.

Maxillo-facial and Tumour Surgeries (View All)

Fourteen-year-old Abu had a good life in the Ivory Coast. Then one day the right side of his nose began to swell. It continued to spread, disfiguring his face.

Fistula Surgeries (View All)

Forty-year-old Aminata lived in seclusion with three children and a leaky bladder. Her husband had left her to fend for herself and moved to another village.

Orthopaedic Surgeries (View All)

War may have stolen Musu Sanu’s childhood, and it might have tried to take her leg as well, but it clearly could not steal away what she held most precious; faith that God was on her side.

Other Surgeries (View All)

Bandora from Guinea, West Africa, endured humiliation and rejection from family and friends when an infection from a scar on his ear turned into keloids.

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