ABOUTUS.OurFundingIt’s ordinary people giving whatever they can that enables Mercy Ships to perform surgeries and health care services for people in desperate need.

Every dollar helps, as together we provide all kinds of assistance. From $5 sunglasses to a person with vulnerable sight to a $50 operation which corrects a child’s crossed eyes, every gift counts. If you have the ability to share your blessings, Mercy Ships promises to maximize the impact of your gift.

Our sponsorship is given by

• Individuals: 76%
• Organisations*: 22%
• Wills and Bequests: 2%

*Organisations include corporates/companies, groups, schools and churches.

Crowd of people waiting to be registered on screening day in Conakry
Crowd of people waiting to be registered on screening day in Conakry

Mercy Ships is unique in three really important ways:

We take a first-world hospital to the people to need it most. Mercy Ships takes our entire floating hospital to a developing nation for 10 months at a time, allowing thousands to receive quality medical care that is simply unavailable under normal circumstances in the nation in which they live. As 80% of the world’s population live within 100 km of the ocean, a hospital ship makes a lot of sense.

Using the ship as a transportable platform means we can provide healthcare that remains exactly the same, with the same first-world standard of care and provision of services, no matter where in the world we work. This is also an important consistent standard for our volunteers; they know what to expect professionally, and that they will be working in a safe and secure environment while serving in nations with desperate healthcare needs.

Our  medical, maritime and operational volunteers from around the world not only pay their way to the ship but also contribute to their accommodation costs. This goodwill extended by our volunteer staff dramatically lowers our overheads, allowing us to stretch to capacity every dollar donated to the work of Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships New Zealand is a Registered NZ Charity and has donee status with the IRD which means that all donations made to Mercy Ships NZ (including those destined to go overseas) are eligible for tax credits.

We will receipt every donation (normally one consolidated receipt per annum – though you can ask for an individual receipt for each donation if you prefer).


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