Developing Healthcare

Our programs are designed to facilitate the increased well-being of our patients as well as to empower and enable local healthcare workers to meet the needs in their nation long after the Mercy Ship has left their shores. This is achieved by building medical capacity throughout the duration of each field service.

Multiply medical capacity in developing nations from Mercy Ships New Zealand on Vimeo.



What is medical capacity building?




Mercy Ships focuses on serving the forgotten poor - those who have been marginalised or rejected by society and lack the resources to improve their lives. Our programs are designed to empower and facilitate their journey toward increased well-being.

Our mission includes supporting and strengthening the surgical health care system from grassroots to government in the way that brings the greatest impact.





We provide

  1. High-quality medical education programmes and quality improvement initiatives which include courses and mentoring in the areas of anaesthesia, surgeon mentoring, surgical nursing (ward and theatres), bio-med, sterile processing, Ponseti, and nutrition (Food for Life)
  2. Targeted donations
  3. Targeted infrastructure projects
  4. Supporting the government to influence policy development, for example, the implementation of WHO Safe Surgical Checklist and National surgical plans
  5. Data collection for use in research and impact evaluation