Mercy Ships delivers life-changing surgical and medical care to bring immediate help, and invests into local communities, trains local agriculture workers, and mentors healthcare workers and medical professionals such as surgeons and nurses to ensure sustainable development of health care services in the nations we visit. On this page are just a few of the thousands of stories of people whose lives have been transformed on board the hospital ship Africa Mercy.


What has been achieved so far






"At home, people when they burn they go to the hospital. Here, they don't go to the doctor so the wounds may heal, but they'll lose function"

Benjamine was fortunate to have survived her burns. But the disfigurement it caused has made the 13-year-old girl's life incredibly difficult--and bound to get worse.

Pulcherie had lived a tough life. She was completely blind at 15, abandoned by her husband at 33, and left to raise her child as a single mother with no hope for a job. Pulcherie received free cataract surgery onboard the Africa Mercy, and after 18 years of blindness, she was able to see again.