Telling life-transforming stories

Can you frame an image to tell a whole story? Do you have a passion for the poor? If you can use your artistic knowledge and professional skills to take captivating photos and tell the transformation-stories, Mercy Ships is the place for you!

Maybe you are a writer who has the skill and compassion to journey alongside our patients on their road to healing, telling their remarkable tales in a way that honours them and their struggle for hope and healing. Are you a leader who can pull all these facets together to provide exceptional content for Mercy Ships all over the world?

As a part of the communications team onboard the Africa Mercy, I think one of the best ways I can love the patients is by striving to tell their stories with integrity and excellence. We also have the unique opportunity to follow patients throughout every phase of their treatment with Mercy Ships and in doing so, form some incredible bonds. I’ve been greatly impacted by a number of patients and will forever respect their courage, kindness, and generosity.    Caleb, videographer.

The Mercy Ships Communications team has immediate volunteer vacancies for a photographer and a media liaison – for someone like you to be involved in capturing transformational stories like these.

The following are roles aboard the Africa Mercy.

Communications Manager (2-year minimum)




Media liaison

Required minimum commitment: 10 months

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