Volunteering on Board



Why not you?

Mercy Ships is a faith-based hospital ship charity providing free essential surgery for some of Africa’s most marginalised people. We offer amazing volunteer opportunities for people with a passion to change the world.

Each crew member is an integral part of providing life-changing operations to children who have been ostracised, and adults who have experienced a lifetime of needless suffering.

You can volunteer for different roles and different time commitments.

Long term volunteer positions

  • Leadership and management volunteer roles that last for 1-5 years
  • Areas include maritime, medical and operational
  • Children of long term on-board volunteers attend the on-ship school

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Short term volunteer positions

These vary in duration from 2 weeks to 10 months, depending on the role requirements. You can see the minimum volunteer commitment requested in the available positions summaries.

Areas of volunteer service

We need a wide range of people from many backgrounds to keep the ship and its hospital running smoothly. The areas we need volunteer support include

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You can see currently available positions here, then get in touch with us via our volunteering form so we can keep you up to date on further opportunities.