NZ Nursing Review – ‘A Day in the Life of a Mercy Ship Nurse’ (Kiwi Sue Clynes) (Demo)

Photo Credit Ruben Plomp
Sue Clynes (R) with pre-op patient                                   Photo Credit Ruben Plomp

Have you ever wondered what a Mercy Ships nurse (such as kiwi OR nurse/maxillofacial team leader Sue Clynes) does at 5.45 a.m (“My alarm chirps and I quickly turn it off before it disturbs my husband John … After breakfast I head back to my cabin, take my antimalarial tablet, clean my teeth, put my hat on and leave for work, which takes me about 30 seconds as I just have to walk down one staircase”),10 p.m. (“Should be sleep time but I can’t stop thinking about storing those sutures”) and a whole bunch of times in between?

New Zealand’s Nursing Review have, and they have published a fantastic, insightful article about what a day for Sue Clynes is like, from which the above quotes were extracted – ‘A Day in the Life of a Mercy Ship Nurse.’

Read her story here.

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