Why not you?

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Non-medical crew members help provide surgery for Africa’s poorest people. Watch 90 sec video here. Did you know half the Mercy Ships crew work on board, outside the hospital? If you are a cook, a hairdresser, an IT specialist, a teacher or just willing to roll up your … Read More

Cyriane wore shoes on her hands

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Watch the 90 sec video here. This too-cute four-year-old girl just wanted to wear shoes like her sister. However Cyriane was born with severe clubbed feet which bent inwards at 90 degree angles. So she wore shoes on her hands until her life was changed forever!

What happens before the ship arrives?

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Advance teams from Mercy Ships are in our field location long before the Africa Mercy arrives in port. What do they do? Here’s hot-off-the-press news from nurse Ria Bos in Benin. A year ago I joined the Screening Team – a team of six wonderful people. Last field … Read More