3. Dreige & Eddy, Congo 2014

Imagine a childhood without soccer matches, trees to climb, clouds to watch. Dreige & Eddy were robbed of these simple delights by sight-stealing cataracts. From the moment the boys met at the Africa Mercy dock, they were inseparable


Watch Dreige and Eddy’s story here

Once blind, now both Dreige and Eddy can see to play soccer. The 14-year-old mates, who met for the first time at the Mercy Ships screening for cataract patients, had each suffered a lifetime of blindness. Their instant friendship went deep. After a lifetime of blindness, it only took 20 minutes for each boy to have his sight restored. The moment the bandages were removed, the two friends saw the world for the first time!

A few weeks later, they sat under the shade of a Baobab tree they talked about the birds in the sky and all the other things they could now see. Then they grabbed a ball and began to play. Soon, children from the neighbourhood joined in and a full-scale match ensued.

The miracle of these boys finally being able to be … well, just boys … is breath-taking. A simple cataract surgery gave them back the joy of boyhood.