Steph & Jonny Clark

Wound Care Nurse and IT Specialist from Mt Eden.

Steph’s previous experience serving onboard the hospital ship as a ward nurse paved the way for her to return into the role of wound care coordinator – an extremely demanding and highly skilled role. It’s the job of Steph and her team to change the wound dressings for patients post-surgery.

Particularly for the patients who have had skin grafts reconstruction after surgery to release burn scars, this can be a painful ordeal. The wound care team have learned to synchronise their work, particularly with their youngest charges; one entertaining and distracting the patient with songs, games and surprises while the other dresses the wound. Steph’s gentle, fun manner and huge smile means even the smallest children develop a level of trust that enables them to undergo this tough procedure to bring about complete healing.

The couple were on board this time for the entire 10-month field service in Guinea, West Africa.

Initially volunteering as an IT specialist, Jonathan’s experience in the Health Care technology sector saw him transfer into a different department onboard –  the development and maintenance of the onboard hospital’s information systems.

As planning and measurement are an increasingly important part of the implementation and evaluation of the services Mercy Ships provides in each field service, this hidden role provides much of the data required to effectively measure the impact of the work Mercy Ships does- and to dream and accurately plan for future field services.

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