Robyn Ferguson

Ward Nurse from Lower Hutt.

To the long term crew onboard Robyn is affectionately known as a ‘repeat offender’. This Guinea field service was her eighth self-funded, three-month trip volunteering on the Mercy Ship providing post-operative surgical care during the field services the hospital ship was docked in Congo, Benin, Madagascar, Cameroon and Guinea.

‘I normally nurse adults,’ Robyn explains, ‘but looking after children here adds to the best part of it. They just become part of you and I miss them terribly when they are discharged from the ship wards.’ Her work in Guinea included the care of children like Sema, who received major surgery to correct his extremely bowed legs.

Sometimes she was assigned to the ‘burns’ ward where both children and adults recovered after surgery released joints previously immobilised by deep scars resulting from horrendous burns. Robyn’s early work onboard also included the care of girls and women receiving restorative surgery after traumatic birth injuries. In each ward, Robyn treated and ‘loved-on’ the patents in a way that is uniquely Mercy Ships.

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