Aicha’s first glimpse

Aicha, eyes patient, in the market with her mother before receiving surgery.

Fatmata took little Aicha with her every day to the local marketplace where they sat for hours selling oranges. Tragically, the impish two-year-old couldn’t see the colourful world around her due to the cataracts clouding her vision, but her family never lost hope that change was possible.

At the Mercy Ships eye screening, Aicha’s response to the flashlight’s beam of light was an indicator that there was hope: ‘It amazed me that something so small like seeing light was worth smiling about in her world of darkness… My heart was filled with joy to be able to offer her surgery that would open the world up to her in hopes she wears that smile more often,’ explained Larina , a volunteer Ophthalmic Clinical Technician.

In the wards of the Africa Mercy, Aicha’s larger-than-life curiosity was on display. She was already leaving her mark despite being unable see the world around her just yet.

Aicha, eyes patient, with her mother at home after her surgery.

There’s no force fiercer than a mother’s love for her child and Fatmata had proved this day by day as she protected her child from the cruel insults that came her way, ‘I love my baby, no matter what people said about her.’

After the remarkably short surgery Aicha’s life changed dramatically. Fatmata was filled with joy. ‘She is like a new person. She was dancing and laughing.’

Now Aicha not only senses her mother’s love, but she can also now see it reflected in plainly in her Mumma’s face. Aisha is stepping with new confidence into a very different future.

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