Global Mercy™

The Global Mercy™ is more than a hospital ship, she is a transportable community of 600+ volunteers. The international crew are dedicated to providing essential surgical services otherwise inaccessible, and to building the capacity of health care services in sub-Saharan Africa. more than 150,000 people in desperate need are estimated to receive life-transforming surgery onboard during the vessel’s 50-year lifespan.

Built to more than double the capacity of Mercy Ships to deliver safe healthcare and medical training,  at 174 metres long and weighing in at 37,000 gross tonnes, the Global Mercy™ is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.  Medical training and developing capacity in our host nations is a critical part of all our programmes and to facilitate this aspect of our work, the Global Mercy™  will have a training centre that includes a simulation lab, virtual reality stations, and the latest teaching equipment.

Hospital Specifications

The hospital covers most of decks 3 and 4 on the Global Mercy™ – approximately 7,000 square metres containing supply and auxiliary services, 6 operating theatres, 102 acute care beds, 7 ICU/isolation beds and an additional 90 self-care beds. All pre-operative and post-operative work can be done onboard rather than ashore, which minimises the Mercy Ships footprint when operating in busy ports.

The Global Mercy™  is designed to carry out a wide range of surgeries including, maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery, tumour removal, cleft lip and palate repair, plastics, orthopaedic surgery, cataract removal, and obstetric fistula repair.

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