children’s documentary series.

When a hospital ship is your home, and you live in a different country every year.

Fride’s parents are crew on the Africa Mercy. Fride and her brother and sister go to school on board with the other international crew children.

MY MERCY BOX is a series of 10-minute adventures for children; a glimpse into life on a Mercy Ship, and the wonder of living in Africa . It’s like nothing you or your kids have ever seen before!

This inspirational little girl and her toy dog Captain Sabertooth take us on light-hearted yet inspiring journeys aboard Mercy Ships in Benin. Fride has all kinds of adventures on and off the ship; meeting new friends and discovering amazing things about life in West Africa.

Fride’s curious questions and typically-8-year-old comments make the series fun for all the family.

Starts Thursday April 8, 7am and 4pm

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There are free activity packs for primary school or Sunday school classes for each episode, and colouring book for the littlies. Download the complimentary resources