School on a ship


Ever wondered what life is like for a family living on a Mercy Ship? The education needs of our crew kids are central to the well-being of our long-term crew families, and so much of family life revolves around the pre-school, primary and secondary school community.

Jeremy Pollard from the Waikato is the principal of the on-ship school – the Academy- aboard the Global Mercy. He and Ruth live on board with their four children, aged 6 to 14.

In this article  Jeremy shares his experiences as an educator and a Dad in this article. We get a very real and sometimes hilarious perspective view ina  video tour from Mia, Campbell, Oliver and Lucas as they share the highs and lows of living in a cabin on a hospital ship, attending the Academy, and all the adventure that happens along the way HERE

Family accommodation the Mercy Ships vessels is allocated for critical and management roles. See if you have the skills needed to serve with your family


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