More Than a Tour :

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Ready to Virtually #ComeOnBoard?

The moment you set foot on the digital gangway, immersive sights and sounds will transport you to a field service with Mercy Ships.

An inviting stairway of hope will be climbed by patients embarking the Global Mercy; every step a move towards transformation. Every step a foot closer to freedom. Every step just that bit nearer to life being changed forever.

What will go through your mind when you walk THE VIRTUAL GANGWAY?

From where ever you are, as you step into this online virtual experience you’ll embark on an immersive journey through the corridors of the eagerly anticipated Global Mercy.

By joining us on the Global Mercy Experience, you’ll see firsthand the journey that many of our patients make – from their first steps up the gangway, to the day they return home.

You’ll glimpse parts of the hospital ship that have never been publicly seen, and you’ll hear inspirational stories from our patients and volunteer crew – life-changing accounts of hope and healing.

Tour the first purpose-built training suites where partnerships will be born, skills will be learned, and healthcare in Africa strengthened for the future.

Meet volunteers from around the world who have left their homes and jobs to be a part of this mission.

Now is your chance to step into the shoes of a patient who will climb that same gangway and leave forever changed. Enjoy stories of hope and healing that will touch your hearts forever and leave a mark.

This is so much more than just a tour.

Be part of something bigger.

Register for your free virtual ticket today! Online tours will be open from February 27 to March 15 (NZDT)