Being a guest on board the Global Mercy for the inaugural sail to our first field service was filled with unforgettable moments, says Mercy Ships NZ Direcor, Graeme Walls.

“As we cast off the ship’s ropes, tears rolled down my face as. I reflected on what has been achieved so far, and the lives that will be utterly transformed in the years ahead through this new surgical training vessel, ” he explains.

It is estimated that 5/7 million people globally lose their lives because of conditions requiring surgical care.

The Global Mercy joined the Africa Mercy in Senegal, on our mission to improve access to safe, affordable and timely surgery in low-income countries, and to help local health care workers and systems increase capacity to meet that need.

“I began this Mercy Ships journey 39 years ago, but I never cease to be amazed at what is accomplished through passionate people like you; those who go, those who give, and those who pray. Each of you plays a vital role in serving Africa’s most vulnerable

Two vessels, a dedicated volunteer crew, and you.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you for being part of the remarkable!”