Healthcare engineers

Bio meds: hidden heroes of SAfe surgery

Your biomedical expertise is needed on the Global Mercy – the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. The newest Mercy Ship is a floating surgical training hospital providing free essential surgery for Sub-Saharan Africa’s most vulnerable and marginalised people, alongside upskilling and training local healthcare workers.

The volunteer Mercy Ships crew is committed to accelerating access to safe, timely and affordable surgery in sub-Saharan Africa and we need YOUR hands on deck to make it happen.

maritime, medical and general volunteer roles with Mercy Ships

The strategically designed 37,000 gross-tonne Global Mercy joins the 16,000 gross-tonne Africa Mercy, increasing access to essential surgical services to people in Africa usually without access to the treatment they need.

On board health care engineering services support the free surgeries and full rehabilitation services are provided for 10 months at a time in a low-income nations.

Alongside the surgical services, Mercy Ships works to train and empower local biomedical technicians. The trainees are equipped to confidently keep the equipment at their local hospitals running safely and accurately maintaining medical equipment in hospitals across Africa.


“You can have the best surgeon and the best clinical staff working together, but when the medical equipment is not reliable, your patient is not safe yet,” said Mercy Ships Biomedical Manager Emmanuel Essah. Through every training and each hospital visit, Emmanuel is fulfilling his dream: “Sharing my knowledge with my fellow Africans.”

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