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Mercy Ships has visited the country three times - and will return in 2024 with Africa Mercy. A key area of focus has been helping women with debilitating birth defects.

Capital city



587.295 km² 


82.2% of the population live below the poverty line of $2 per day

UN Development Index

Ranking: 173 out of 191

Population figures

29.9 million

Doctors per million inhabitants



Malagasy, Comorian and French

Mission in Madagascar

Madagascar's geography saw a systematic change in how Mercy Ships finds patients in need

Africa Mercy returned to the port of Tamatave in August 2015. This was the hospital ships’ third visit to the African island-nation since 1996. During the 10-month field service, Mercy Ships provided direct medical services and medical capacity building, such as training and renovations.

A specific focus for Mercy Ships has been to help girls and women in the country with birth injuries. The feasibility studies found that women with post-natal injuries (obstetric fistula)we often rejected by their community because physical impact of their condition.

 Madagascar ‘s rugged terrain makes it difficult and expensive to travel any distance. It was difficult to find these women in need of help. This situation triggered a change that was implemented in all of Mercy Ships’ field services. Now, volunteers go out into rural areas to seek patients. In addition, partnerships have been formed with other organisations, such as MAF, to help fund travel when needed.

In 2021, Mercy Ships partnered with Madagascar once again to support the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic through donations of protective equipment. In addition, we partnered with local non-profit organisations to support several ongoing humanitarian projects.

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