Sierra Leone

Mercy Ships Announces the Global Mercy™ will visit Sierra Leone in August 2023




71,740 km²



56.8% (2018 est.)

UN Development Index

Ranking: 181 out of 191


8.4 million

Doctors, nurses and midwives per 10 000 inhabitants



Mende, Temne, Krio.

English (official language, in limited use with the literate minority)

Mission in Sierra Leone

Historic relationship and new hope in Sierra Leone with Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is honored to return to Sierra Leone in the second half of 2023. This field service will mark the 6th time Mercy Ships has visited Sierra Leone – and the first visit for its newest hospital ship, the Global Mercy™, thanks to an invitation the government of Sierra Leone. 

“The hospital ship will serve as a platform for training our healthcare professionals to build capacity. Programmes will ensure that the positive impact of Mercy Ships will continue long after the ship leaves the shores of Sierra Leone. This partnership will support our vision to ensure a functional national health system delivering efficient, high-quality healthcare services that are accessible, equitable and affordable for all,” said His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio.

“This long-lasting partnership paves the way for Mercy Ships to continue to engage closely with the government of Sierra Leone and to strengthen our joint commitment to improving access to safe surgical care,” said Dr Sandra Lako, Country Director for Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone.

Mercy Ships announces the Global Mercy™ will visit Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2023 following previous field services by Anastasis and Africa Mercy.

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