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Thank you for helping children like Serigne

Every day in Sub-Saharan Africa, children and adults in some of the poorest communities die from causes that would be easily treatable in New Zealand hospitals. 

It takes strength to be Serigne.

Serigne is a little 6-year-old boy from Senegal whose strength, spirit and determination I know will light up your life – just as it lights up the lives of everyone he meets.

Your kind donation today can help to transform the lives of many more people like Serigne.

Serigne was born alongside his twin brother. But as he and his brother grew, it soon became obvious that Serigne was falling behind. Serigne was developing bowlegs, which meant he had trouble walking.

The truth is that Serigne’s parents simply could not afford the surgery needed to correct his bowlegs. A relatively simple 4-hour procedure that would enable Serigne to walk normally, return to school, and do all the other things 6-year-olds should be doing.

Mercy Ships however could provide that – with the amazing help from you.

Thank you.

TM Carnie

Toni-Maree Carnie

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