Edith and her Mum

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Edith was used to the 3.5 kilo tumours growing on her Mum’s face. It had been there her whole childhood. When a tumour just like it started to grow on her own jaw she was really frightened. 

First, her Mum Valerie came to the Africa Mercy where our volunteer surgeons carefully removed her tumour. When she returned home, Edith was excited to see her mother and was elated to know there was hope that her tumour could be removed, too.

History was repeating itself in a terrifying way


‘When I saw my mother for the first time, I was so happy,’ shared Edith. ‘She is beautiful.’ Soon, Edith went through a surgery similar to her mother’s.

Today, Edith is also tumour-free. Now, she can fearlessly work to fulfil her dream of becoming a math teacher. And someday, have the family and children she’s always wanted.

Edith doing Valerie’s hair after both their tumours were removed