Following in Mum’s footsteps

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Orlane before surgery -with her 'baby' on her back
Orlane before surgery -with her ‘baby’ on her back


Juliette understood exactly what her daughter Orlane was suffering. You see, Juliette has also lived clubbed feet since birth. She was broken-hearted when Orlane was born with the same condition.

Correcting club feet is complex. The Mercy Ships medical team can straighten babies feet with casts and physiotherapy over a few months using the Ponseti method of treatment.  We can correct the feet of older children like six-year-old Orlane by surgery, followed by casting and physio. But by the time someone with clubfoot reaches adulthood, it is too late to help them regain normal alignment.

Juliette refused to let Orlane walk through life with the same burden she carried. She was overjoyed that Mercy Ships surgeons and therapists were able to straighten Orlane’s feet.  ‘I will keep up with Orlane’s rehab to the very end,’ she says. Juliette knows her daughter’s options future have just been transformed – just like her feet.




Juliette is delighted that Orlane's feet are now like everyone elses
Juliette is delighted that Orlane’s feet are now like everyone elses