Food for Life

nutritional agriculture programme

Mansare’s life-altering condition was severely aggravated by malnutrition; his legs grew extremely bowed and could only be corrected through major surgery. Together we’re working with our West African colleagues to correct the individual’s problem now and to create sustainable solutions to prevent conditions like his developing in the future.

Building healthy bodies requires safe, culturally appropriate, sustainable food from local food sources. So to help communities like Mansare’s provide more food and better nutrition, in each port Food for Life hands-on training equips people already working in agriculture NGOs specifically to pass along new farming skills and insights to others.

Experienced farmers committed to sharing all they learn attend the holistic, organic agriculture programme based on a biblical world view of being good stewards of our environment. The farmers identify challenges facing traditional agricultural techniques, and develop innovative ways of increasing household farms ongoing yield; practical answers for the community’s immediate and long term dietary needs.

‘When participants go back as trainers in their communities, there’s a type of paradigm shift that happens,’ course leader Eliphaz Essah from Benin explains.

‘The impact we see is people are able to secure their produce and income. The quality of the food they eat improves, and even the way they put their food together changes.’

Eliphaz returns twice to each country over the following years for follow up and evaluation of each training–of-trainer project.

As the 35 participants teach others, Food for Life spreads its roots and bears fruit every year. You’re part of seeds becoming flourishing, prolifically-producing crops. Encouragement and proven agricultural methods sees the participants equipped to strengthen the health of their communities. Thank you.

Due to COVID-19, the Senegal field service was paused in March at week 20 of the 22-week of the Food for Life programme. The Africa Mercy returns to Senegal in January for the remainder of 2021, and the course will be completed along with the surgical list for the patients like Mansare still waiting for immediate help.