How to volunteer

What to do next?

A physical evaluation and immunisations are required for all crew, who must be at least 18 years old at the time of service.

All applicants fundraise or self-fund to cover crew fees, insurance and transportation to and from the ship. Mercy Ships can help you to develop your budget and fundraising support.

To help you along the way to volunteering, Mercy Ships hosts MyMercy, an interactive site for prospective or in-process volunteers including FAQ, forums and useful advice for new crew. You can connect with others and find loads of information, or drop us a line.

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Mercy Ships follows the 2000-year-old model of Jesus; bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor, offering free services to people in need regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.

Shorter term volunteers (those on board for less than 1 year) come to work, learn, and grow alongside the long-term volunteers, the core of life on a Mercy Ship.

Our crew come from over 40 nations and all walks of life. Our diversity is one of our most engaging attributes, and all who serve at Mercy Ships onboard and in locations worldwide are expected to respect Mercy Ships Core Values in their service.

Please contact us for more information – we’d love to hear from you and to answer even the curliest of questions.