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Join Dr Sonja Dawson to learn about the amazing surgical service that Mercy Ships provide. Be mesmerised by inspiring, life changing stories of hope and healing, and hear how the team combats tricky infection
complications while presented with difficult obstacles.

Dr Sonja Dawson

Sonja is a senior lecturer at Avondale University and convenes the graduate studies program in Nursing.

Her passion is to equip and support nurses to function in a global health environment for volunteer service and to provide direction on leadership in these areas. Sonja’s research interests revolve around humanitarian nursing in a non-disaster context, as well as clinical education, and especially within a service-learning context.

Most recently, she has been invited to join a research team investigating the impact oral care has on hospital acquired pneumonia. Sonja has been a volunteer with Mercy Ships over the last three decades in various roles and has now served on three of their hospital ships. She has recently returned from Dakar, Senegal where she served for a month on the newest ship, the Global Mercy.

To find out more information about serving with Mercy Ships contact Fiona Hunt-Baker