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Kiwis making a lasting difference in a world of need

Come on board the Global Mercy® as Shine Today introduces us to the Kiwis, young and old, who live on the world’s largest – and newest – civilian hospital ship. They fill a wide variety of roles in the Mercy Ships volunteer crew dedicated to serving Africa’s marginalised and vulnerable, in Jesus’ name.

Founder Don Stephens shares the 40-year legacy Kiwis have invested, and we join the crew in a Sunday service on board. You will hear the why from New Zealanders from all walks of life volunteering for months, years and even decades at a time.

Learn more about the inspiring backstories from these volunteers, below.


His 30-year Mercy Ships journey serving as a doctor, chaplain, or in leadership on board all the Mercy Ships began as a medical student on a ship tour in Dunedin. Dr Andrew introduces the other Kiwis on board and shares how his own life was transformed serving the under-served across the globe.

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POLLARD FAMILY – Morrinsville

Jeremy and Ruth Pollard, and their children Mia (14) Campbell (12) Oliver (9) and Lucas (6) live on board the hospital ship preparing to deploy to West Africa. We’ve left our home, we’ve sold everything, and we’ve put our wages aside.  That’s a decision that you don’t want to make lightly. But we know it was the right decision for us.

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Volunteering once was not enough for these adventurers-at-heart. Sinclair and Kathy had not even disembarked their first volunteer service with Mercy Ships on the Africa Mercy July 2020, when they signed up as Second Engineer and Technical Administrator for another volunteer tour-of-duty – this time on the newest hospital ship, Global Mercy joining the fleet serving Sub-Saharan Afrtica.

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What is the most important thing in the world? According to the Maori proverb, He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata. It is the people, the people, the people.

Islay puts this value into practice daily in a role you wouldn’t expect to find on a hospital ship.

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ALEX MERLOS RUIZ – Invercargill/Brazil 

Determined to invest his technical skills and IT career experience for good, Brazilian-born Alex Merlos Ruiz departed Invercargill in August 2021 to volunteer aboard the world’s newest civilian hospital ship, as IT Manager. “I think volunteering offers opportunities to be a better professional, be a better person,” he explains..

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MARIANNE WIDMER – Fairlie/Switzerland

Marianne spent 25 years teaching and guiding in rural South Island communities, from the West Coast to Otago and Southland. But last year she embarked on a new and different teaching adventure far from any mountains – in a floating school, on board the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, Global Mercy.

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The Mercy Ships crew needs huge-hearted people with all kinds of skills, from all walks of life, on the team to provide essential surgeries for people like Lalo – people just like you! Find out more about volunteer jobs onboard in Africa, and the financial assistance plan to help make it happen.

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