Life-changing surgeries in Madagascar:
Join Us in Transforming Futures with Life-Changing Surgeries like Serigne – Every Donation Counts!

life-changing surgery in Madagascar

Transform a child's future like Cheikh with a $250 donation to help provide a life-changing surgery

Let’s give back a smile today to those who’ve lost it! Your donation of $250 can turn the tide for children in Madagascar like Cheikh suffering from cleft lip, offering them the gift of free and safe life-changing surgery.

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The Urgency of Now: Smiles Restored, Lives transformed before June 1st

With June just around the corner, the urgency of our mission in Madagascar intensifies. In a place where access to basic healthcare is a dream for many, conditions like Cheikh’s, a young boy born with both cleft lip and cleft palate, are all too common. Our goal is to begin life-changing surgeries aboard the Africa Mercy by June 1st, offering a new chapter of hope and healing.

Cheikh’s journey from hardship to hope is a testament to what we can achieve together. His new found joy —a gift from supporters like you—motivate us to reach as many as we can. As we approach the start of our mission, let’s unite to make this June a turning point for countless children in need.


Poverty rate

75% of the population lives below the poverty line of $2 per day


27 million

Doctors, nurses, and midwives

0.4 doctors per 10’000 inhabitants
2.2 nurses and midwives per 10’000 inhabitants

Mission in Madagascar

A Stark Contrast: Madagascar’s healthcare crisis and our June 1st Mission

While Switzerland boasts 22 physicians per 10’000 inhabitants, Madagascar faces
a dire shortage, with millions suffering silently due to inaccessible surgical care.
Annually, 17 million lives are lost worldwide because of this gap, a gap Mercy Ships
has committed to closing for over 45 years through our floating hospitals.

Transform Healthcare in Madagascar Before June 1st

Help a child like Cheikh smile into a new future

Who we are: Mercy Ships, A legacy of hope and healing

Founded in 1978, Mercy Ships is a pioneering faith-based global charity. Our mission: to deliver free, world-class surgical care and comprehensive medical training aboard our state-of-the-art hospital ships. By partnering with host nations, primarily in Africa, we aim to fortify local healthcare infrastructures, leaving a lasting legacy of health and healing.

The Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy

Why a Ship? Accessing the Inaccessible

 Strategically leveraging the fact that 50% of the world’s population resides within reach of the coast, our floating hospitals uniquely position us to deliver critical healthcare services to remote and underserved communities, embodying our commitment to reach, treat, and heal the lives of those in need.

How your donation helps us start strong on June 1st:

Join us in this urgent call to action. Your donation today not only brings a smile to those who’ve lost it
but also propels us towards our goal of transforming healthcare in Madagascar. Together, we can make a monumental impact.

USD 75.- 
provides critical dental treatments, offering relief and smiles. Your support in this amount brings oral health and happiness to those in dire need.

USD 150.-
readies our surgical teams with essential tools, setting the stage for life-altering surgeries from the very first day. This donation ensures we hit the ground running, equipped to change lives.

USD 550.-
funds a comprehensive orthopedic surgery, transforming a life plagued by physical constraints into one of mobility and freedom.

Donate Today: Be the change in Madagascar

Your support is not just a donation; it’s a race against time to bring healing where it’s needed most before June 1st. Let’s come together to make a monumental impact, propelling us towards our goal of transforming healthcare in Madagascar. Your action today is their hope tomorrow.

Be the Change – Support Mercy Ships Before June 1st

" My passion has always been hospitality and serving people and it was a privilege to use my skill and experience in hospitality to manage food production and service for a crew of medical professionals and technicians who do an amazing job. A floating hospital is unique."

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