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If you’ve always wanted to use your unique talent and skills to transform lives and make your mark on the world, we’ve got an opportunity for you. The work of Mercy Ships impacts the lives of many  – patients, families, and volunteers. It’s a transformative experience that enables personal and professional growth, and we’re looking for you to join us. Come aboard and find your crew.

The Experience of a Lifetime is Calling

Volunteering with Mercy Ships

Find Your Purpose 

"A life-changing experience"

“A life-changing experience”

Join a Vibrant Community

"Everyone has a role to play"

“Everyone has a role to play”

Make a Lasting Impact

It's life-changing and life-giving

“It’s life-changing and life-giving”

40+ Years of Hope and Healing

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has been bringing hope and healing to people without access to medical care. Our hospital ships are filled with volunteer doctors, nurses, mariners, IT staff, and more. Together we provide free surgeries and care to thousands of patients each year, like Aminata who was born with a cleft lip that made eating and speaking difficult. Thanks to our volunteers, today she smiles brightly and lives a life full of promise. She’s like one of so many children whose lives you will transform onboard.

Through the faithful support of so many, over 2.8 million lives have been impacted. Our volunteers are the heart of our mission, and everyone has a place onboard. Ready to find yours?

Why a Ship

Why a Ship?

50% of the world’s population lives near a coast, our floating hospitals are the best way to reach and treat people in need.

Why Africa

Why Africa?

There are only two physicians per 10,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa, many people suffer and die from treatable conditions.

Why you?

Why You?

It takes a wide range of people and skills to run a hospital ship, and our all-volunteer crew makes it happen. If you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others – including yours – we’d love to meet you.

Ready to Start Your Journey of a Lifetime?

Here are a few things to know:
  • Though the community onboard is a vibrant, global one, English proficiency is required for all positions in Mercy Ships
  • Mercy Ships is a Christian faith-based organisation, serving people of all faiths
  • You can volunteer for weeks, months or even years at a time – depending on the role you apply for

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