She jumped at the chance

Sarah Thomson is usually found in the operating theatres at North Shore Hospital, but September found her half a world away, assisting with surgery in one of the poorest nations on earth. Under usual circumstances, the people of Guinea West Africa have no access to essential surgery. Yet … Read More

40 Stories of healing

It began in part with an overheard prayer on a hurricane-battered island. The blood, sweat, tears and petitions of Don and Deyon Stephens and hundreds of visionary volunteers eventually turned the purchase of an abandoned ship into a vessel of mercy. The patients who found the hospital ship … Read More

40 Stories of Healing: Tina, Sierra Leone 1993

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      As Catherine’s labour failed to progress, the family’s apprehension grew. After four days of labour without medical care, the 18- year-old was exhausted, frightened and in terrible pain. The lives of mum and baby hung in the balance. Read baby Tina’s story here

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