Houleye had no hope her future could be any different

Will you help provide essential surgery for others like her?

Houleye had only known life with the massive tumour on her neck. The five-year-old hid at home to avoid the laughter and cruel comments from other kids and adults alike. Her family couldn’t find anyone who could remove the benign tumour, or even halt its growth.

For more than 40 years the volunteer medical teams aboard Mercy Ships have quietly gone about their business – sailing into the world’s poorest ports with a cargo of hope and healing.

Please, help Mercy Ships care for children like Houleye. Just a few dollars from you each month will show them that hope is not lost.

You’ll be part of the most amazing transformations for thousands of children in West Africa.

Mercy Ships is a NZ registered charity #CC26854. Donations over $5 are tax deductible

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Give children like Houleye living in extreme poverty a new future free from pain and disability

These children had no hope for even an ordinary life – until they received free surgery from Mercy Ships. We want to change the future for multitudes disabled by injuries, birth defects and disease, but we need your help!

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