Our hospital ships need geeks

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Are you ready to step into a new sense of destiny?

For the adventure of your life, volunteer your tech skills to help Mercy Ships provide essential surgery for some of  the world’s most vulnerable people. Our hospital ships’ Information Technology systems are vital to running a smooth operation. You may not be at the front end of providing essential surgery for Africa’s under-served poor, but it can’t happen without your skills. Help us run a more efficient, advanced service onboard to serve our patients while docked in Africa.

Whatever your experience and availability, there’s something for you!

maritime, medical and general volunteer roles with Mercy Ships

“Every department needs technology. Our department supports everything from the software in the bridge to the computer in the ship shop, and, of course, the technology in the hospital. Technology is everywhere,” explains Jenn Epp, Senior, Mercy Ships IS  Product Administrator .“I get to see what’s happening up close,” Jen says. “It’s great to see the videos, but there is nothing like being on the dock and seeing the patients after their surgeries. It’s a joy to use my technology skills to help people.”

Don’t take our word for it – see what Dell Technologies have to say about Mercy Ships in their own Customer Stories video