Our Reporting

Schedule 32, IRD

After rigorous examination, the New Zealand government awarded Mercy Ships NZ Schedule 32 Tax Status. Less than 1% of NZ charities have attained the levels of credibility, accountability and transparency required that allow private donors, companies and corporates to receive tax-deductible receipts for all funds donated to the charity. Read More

The combined generosity of our volunteer crew, our donors and corporate gifts-in-kind means that our general operating costs and overhead expenses are kept to a minimum. 78c of each dollar Mercy Ships receives internationally goes straight to our Ship and Field Operations – providing surgeries and world-class medical care to those who have no other hope.

Annual Report

This most recent annual report of Mercy Ships International details the activities of Mercy Ships globally for the 2021 calendar year.

Final field service report – Senegal, 2019-20

A comprehensive narrative report on the most recent field service in Senegal, West Africa which took place between August 2019 and March 2020.