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We need your help to fulfill the dreams of children like Paul Bernard through our hospital ship crew.

Your donation will help bring hope, healing and healthcare to Africa’s under-served poor – like Paul Bernard

The courageous three-year-old tried to beat the flames off with his hands, but the ignited fuel severely burned his face, arms, and upper body. There was nowhere to access emergency medical care, and it took two years for his painful burns to finally heal. Because he didn’t receive treatment, wound scars contracted his joints; Paul could no longer straighten his arm.
Eight years after the fire, Paul’s grandfather heard something amazing on the radio news. The family were astounded to learn a hospital ship was sailing into Cameroon to offer free surgeries.

Because of your donation today many others like Paul Bernard will receive free surgeries. Thank you.

$50 can help provide bandages and other vital supplies for surgical patients
$100 can go towards patient care after surgery
$500 can help fund more essential surgeries

Your gift today will help offer a truly life-changing transformation to people in desperate need, like Paul Bernard.  Thank you.

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